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Lamsa" arabic kids app ranked # 1 during its soft launch

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“First-of-its-kind app for Arab kids”
The soft launch of "Lamsa" app has recently been announced by Ertiqa; a leading company in the field of mobile services, digital media and mobile applications. "Lamsa" is the first of its kind “kids world” addressing the needs of Arabic speaking children through entertainment, educational, and interactivity.
"Lamsa's application is the fruit of continuous efforts to provide a unique product to our children in line with the Arabic culture, values, and rich language”, said Badr Ward, Ertiqa’s CEO, “Lamsa was designed to enrich the imagination and thinking of Arab kids, and help parents and kids choose entertaining and educating content with more trust and confidence", Ward added.
The app targets young kids in general; especially those between 1-3 years (toddlers) and those between 4-6 years (preschoolers).
The official launch of the Lamsa app will include a collection of modern and traditional stories that are distinguished for having a large degree of interactivity and animation. In addition, Lamsa will also avail a wide range of entertainment content including coloring, rhymes, and games.
Lamsa will soon include in its official launch an adequate amount of content that will be updated regularly in cooperation with local and international experts in the fields of children literature (writers, artists, etc) and early learning (educational experts and specialists, etc). Lamsa will also allow content developers such as artists, designers, writers, developers and others to avail their creativity via Lamsa. It will also allow the kids themselves to participate in enriching Lamsa's content either as individuals or as groups through early educational institutions such as kindergartens and nurseries.
With such a meticulous care for quality, Lamsa aims to raise the standard of children within this region by engaging them with a higher level of visuals, concepts and information. It aims to elevate their wit, imagination and discovery by revealing to them entertainment beyond the literal and beyond their expectations.
Lamsa aims to ignite social initiatives under the name of "Touch of Hope" - "لمسة أمل”, which aims at providing equal entertainment through printed stories for less fortunate arab children including refugee children.
Lamsa's app, in its soft launch, managed to top the free application ranks in the books category in the app store since its launch. It also climbed to reach number 5 on the general list for the free apps in the store.
Lamsa is a free application that users of the different platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, and Internet browsers) can download/use. The app also includes a free story titled "The Zoo", which is considered the first story from a series of free, rich stories that will continuously be provided through Lamsa.
The iPhone and iPad versions of the application can be downloaded by pressing the link below:
The Android version of the application can be downloaded by pressing the link below:
You can also interact with Lamsa and follow latest news through the Facbook page:
Or through the Twitter account:
Or through the website:

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