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Nawras is telecommun​ications partner of choice for groundbrea​king oilfield conservati​on project

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Nawras is telecommun​ications partner of choice for groundbrea​king oilfield conservati​on project

Muscat, 2 June 2012 – Nawras, Oman’s customer friendly communications provider, has successfully delivered a complete business solution for the Nimr Reed Bed Project. The project is the world’s largest water purification project of its kind and was recently inaugurated at a special ceremony under the auspices of H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Marhoon al Maamari, State Minister and Governor of Dhofar.


As the preferred telecommunications partner, Nawras has supplied a complete package to the project at Wilayat al Jazir including closed user group mobile voice and broadband mobile data access at the site, as well as mobile coverage of the huge reed bed area essential for ensuring the safety of onsite workers. In addition, seamless data connectivity links the head office in Muscat with the Nimr site.


Roman Garba, Nawras Business Development Manager, said, “To link the Nimr plant with the Muscat head office we have used Nawras’ innovative Ethernet service which offers a cost effective and simplified integration with the customer’s IT departments. We see a trend in customers’ preferences towards modern Ethernet service instead of classical leased lines to carry data across the network.”


Abdulla Issa Al-Rawahy, Nawras Chief Strategy Officer, added, “We are delighted to be the telecommunications partner of choice with sole network presence at the world’s award winning Nimr Reed Bed Water treatment plant. We offer unique solutions for the oil and gas sector and it is particularly rewarding to be involved in a project which offers such significant environmental conservation too.”

Alexander Dittmar, Managing Director of Bauer Nimr LLC commented, "We found Nawras to be the best telecommunications partner, clearly understanding our needs and importantly able to deliver customised solutions on time. We are setting up our regional headquarter in Muscat to serve our customers in the wider Middle East region.”


The site uses reed plants to purify water contaminated with oil and other pollutants. This giant water treatment plant measures 2.4 million square metres and the use of reed beds is expected to save an estimated 12 billion cubic feet of gas pollution over the next decade. This exciting project is unique in scale and in pioneering new ways of environmental conservation.


Nawras listens carefully to all customer requirements and designs pleasingly different multi-access solutions to suit individual and varied needs. At Nimr this includes 2G and 3G mobile base stations with fixed services delivered via fibre optic cables to provide a multi-access solution for cost effectiveness and ease of integration.

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