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Summer enrolments on the rise at UOWD, as students opt to fast-track their degrees

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1550 students are enrolled in summer programs at the university this year

Dubai, July 4, 2012: Summer enrolments have been rising at the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) over the past few years. This year, the university has over 1,550 students enrolled for summer programs, of which 223 are new enrolled students and the remainder re-enrolments. Of these, nearly two-third are post-graduate students.
“Summer enrolments both among undergraduate and postgraduate students are increasing at UOWD,” said Peter Hawke, Director of Marketing & Student Recruitment, UOWD. “This year’s strong intake of new students and re-enrolments reflects a noticeable trend in which new and current students opt to continue their studies in summer and fast track their degrees.”
Students who enroll for the summer programs naturally have to forego or cut short their summer vacation and endure the high temperatures to attend classes.
“There are various factors that motivate students to take up summer programs in the UAE, and they vary slightly for undergraduate and postgraduate students,” explains Hawke. “Whilst it is true that many people leave the UAE for extended periods over the summer there are also a large number that remain here or just take shorter breaks.”
“For postgraduate students, the relatively slow pace of work over summer is an opportunity to dedicate more time and energy on their studies. There are also a number of postgraduate students whose families are away over the summer and as such they don’t have commitments in the evening or indeed much to do outside of work,” added Hawke.
For undergraduate students, the summer semester helps them fast-track their degrees and take up employment sooner. Many of them may be still living with their parents, and as their peers could be away there are fewer distractions. Despite the heat, these students are keen to complete their studies through summer.
“Studying in summer will allow me to complete my MBA faster and improve my job prospects,” said Anton Semenov, a Russian student, who has enrolled for the MBA program this summer. “I think it is an excellent idea to continue studies during summer. Vacations can come later.”
Ahmed Mutawa, an Emirati who has enrolled for an undergraduate degree in Human Resources, said, “I would like to complete my graduation quickly, as I had to face a disruption in my studies due to health reasons. I lived in Australia for 6 years, and returned this year.”
Anjana Pyarelal, who has enrolled for the Masters in International Business, said: “I would like to complete my masters in the shortest possible time, which is why I have joined the summer program. It is going to be a challenge because the summer semester is shorter and consequently puts more pressure on students.”
“The strong summer uptake is a reflection of the new generation’s determination to go the extra mile to fit into the demanding job market of today. As one student put it, he could either spend his evenings watching Euro 2012, Wimbledon and the Olympics or do a few subjects of his MBA!” said Hawke.

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