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Nawras Goodwill Journey bring smiles to the faces of children in Al Kamel Wal Wafi, Bidiyah and Haima

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Muscat, 6 August 2012 – The seventh stop on the 8th Nawras Goodwill Journey of compassion and sharing across Oman was Al Kamel Wal Wafi. Nawras volunteers donated gifts of laptops, printers, LCD televisions, DVD players, a projector and an iPad 2 to the Omani Women’s Association. Oman’s customer friendly communications provider also contributed home appliances including freezers, washing machines, sewing machines, cooking appliances, air conditioning units and tables and chairs for the Children’s Corner, as the annual journey continues to bring smiles to local communities across the Sultanate of Oman.


Nawras Goodwill members were received by H.E. Rashid Wani Al Hashmi, a member of the Al Shura Council, who praised Nawras for their contribution and the impact the donations will have on the area. His Excellency said, “We thank Nawras for supporting the Omani Women’s Association and providing the means for our volunteers to continue their good work. The donations will benefit both adults and children, helping the association to reach out to more members of the community and enrich the lives of families who visit the association for years to come.”


Upon arrival, Nawras Goodwill Journey members were treated to poems written by the children of Al Kamel Wal Wafi who expressed their love for the country, before the volunteers handed out toys to the excited children and took the time to play with them.


Fatima bint Ali Al Hashmi, Head of the Omani Women’s Association in Al Kamel Wal Wafi, said, “The Omani Women’s Association has a valuable role in society but is reliant on charitable donations. We are grateful to Nawras family members for visiting us on their goodwill journey and for providing tremendous support.” She added, “As a result of the generous donations, we can now look forward to providing new programmes and creating additional employment opportunities.”


Later in the day, the caring convoy headed to Bidiyah where it was received by Sheikha Salim Al Hajri, Head of the Omani Women’s Association in the area. Nawras volunteers played with the children before distributing IT and communications devices, cooking appliances, sewing machines, air conditioning units, washing machines, freezers and a children’s table and chairs set.


Khalid Al-Zadjali, Events & Protocol Manager at Nawras and Leader of the Nawras Goodwill Journey, said, “It is a pleasure for us to be part of the eighth annual Goodwill Journey. We are so happy to be the team giving away donations that can make a real difference to the Omani Women’s Associations and to the people they help. We really enjoy the special time spent with the children and making them smile. Ahead of each journey we speak with the associations to make sure our contributions meet their needs and will help to develop these communities.”


Nawras Goodwill Journey travelled to Haima yesterday to distribute donations to the Omani Women’s Association that will benefit Haima, Al Jazer and Duqm. Nawras family members handed out IT and communications devices as well as cooking appliances and washing machines. The association also received 20 wheelchairs and 20 sets of headphones to support the special needs of the community.


Nawras Goodwill Journey 8 will conclude tomorrow in Dhofar as the voyage reaches Rakhyoot and Dhalkoot.  Fasting volunteers have left their own families to travel the length and breadth of the country to help communities get closer during the Holy Month of Ramadan.


Daily video highlights from the journey can be found online by visiting the Nawras YouTube channel,

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