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AC short circuit caused Ajman villa fire

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The charred remains of the villa in Ajman. — Supplied picture

A short circuit in an air-conditioner in the hall caused the Ajman villa fire that led to the death of six people, including two domestic helps and members of an Emirati family.


 Brigadier Ali Alwan, Director-General of the Ajman Police, said that they had received the report issued by fire and forensic experts of the Dubai Police about the cause of the fire on Tuesday.

The report revealed that the fire was caused by a short circuit in the AC system due to a wrong wire connection. The spark from the fire fell on the curtain, which was made of a flammable material. Because of the air from the other split unit AC, the flame quickly spread and caught the furniture, including couch and sofa-set which caused massive smoke leading to the suffocation of the family members who were sleeping.

The mother, Haleema, woke up and tried to call the police but before hanging up the phone she was caught in flames and died of suffocation.

The disaster took place as people usually sleep till late in the morning during Ramadan. The entire neighbourhood was also asleep. By the time the police received the call, 95 per cent of the villa was gutted. As they were informed late, the police and the civil defence could only manage to rescue the boy who had rushed to the terrace but couldn’t jump or use the stairs inside the house.

The bodies of the four women — the mother and her three daughters Moza (11), Nouf (14) and Maryam (17) — were handed over to the family and buried on the same day, while the bodies of the two maids are still in the forensic laboratory awaiting their families and consulate to repatriate them, Ali Alwan said.

Hamad Al Shamsi, Director of the Khalifah Hospital, said that since the boy was brought in with some suffocation symptoms, he was provided with all the required treatment. He was discharged after complete recovery and was taken by his grandfather and uncle to Ras Al Khaimah.

Brigadier Salih Al Matroushi, Director-General of the Ajman Civil Defence, confirmed that the fire was caused because of a short circuit. He said this was the first of its kind disaster in Ajman.

He urged all the residents to ensure the quality of their electric connection and condition of the air-conditioning system. Family members should ensure everyday before going to sleep that there is no gas leakage. Any ACs and fans that are not being used should be switched off.

Mohammed Mubarak, brother of Haleema, said that the demise of his sister and nieces was shocking and devastating for the whole family in Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah.

“Maryam, Nouf and Moza, were so beautiful and polite young girls. They were good in studies and loved their mother, who decided to take the responsibility of her kids after the death of her husband three years ago.”

Large number of friends and relatives of the victims came in to offer their condolences to the family. “We have erected this tent to receive condolences for three days as instructed by Islam,” he said.

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