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Bee’ah Calls On Public To Save Energy Beyond Earth Hour

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Bee’ah urges residents to continue recycling waste that can contribute to saving energy even after Earth Hour is through.

Conserving energy through recycling is equally as important as reducing electricity consumption during Earth Hour – this is the message to UAE residents from Bee’ah, the UAE’s leading integrated environmental and waste management company.

Bee’ah has called on Sharjah residents to drop off their recyclable household waste items such as paper, aluminium cans and plastic at the central temporary collection point that will be setup during Earth Hour at Al Qasba.  Bee’ah will then quantify the energy saved by recycling these items.

In collaboration with Al Qasba to commemorate the 4th annual Earth Hour on Saturday, 26 March, Bee’ah has arranged for special recycling drop-off points where Sharjah residents can deposit recyclables while highlighting the importance of recycling household waste.

Bee’ah will then measure the total amount of energy saved as a result of recycling all the items collected at Al Qasba’s Earth Hour event from 7:00pm to 9.30pm on Saturday.

According to Bee’ah, the energy saved from recycling one aluminium can could operate a TV for four hours.  Similarly, using recycled paper to produce new writing pads, envelopes and even paper towels not only counters deforestation, but also significantly reduces energy consumption.  In addition, recycling one ton of paper could potentially save 17 trees from being cut down.

Khaled Al Huraimel, Chief Executive Officer of Bee’ah, expressed his confidence that the combined efforts of Sharjah residents would not only shows their levels of commitment towards ensuring a sustainable environment, but would also increases the environmental profit of this year’s Earth Hour.

“At Bee’ah we believe that the residents of Sharjah are committed to conserving energy for a cleaner and greener emirate, not just during Earth Hour, but beyond as well.  We are encouraging everyone to bring in their plastics, cans and paper recyclable materials to Al Qasba in an effort to contribute to conserving even more energy via recycling, and not just by turning off the lights for one hour,” Al Huraimel said.

He added: “We are committed to raising awareness and educating our community on the importance of saving energy through continued daily recycling, and to become an example of leading environmental change.”

Dina Al Nakhi, Events Manager from Al Qasba, said: “Preserving the earth’s resources and working with different organisations to raise the awareness on the importance of supporting sustainable development has been a tradition in Al Qasba through many campaigns launched over the years.

“Beyond Earth Hour this year combines different targets including conserving electricity, recycling products and keeping our surroundings clean, and our collaboration with Bee’ah will ensure that the messages from this campaign reach a wide population.  All it takes is combining our individual efforts to create the change that the world needs to overcome the environmental challenges that threaten our future.  Our programme this year is rich with activities, workshops and announcements and will be a memorable event gathering people from all over the country.  On behalf of Al Qasba, I would like to invite the people of the UAE to take action and be part of the global campaign to save our planet,” Al Nakhi concluded.

About Bee’ah:

Bee’ah, headquartered in the Emirate of Sharjah, is an integrated environmental and waste management company, founded in 2007, through an Emiri decree by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, as a public private partnership (PPP) with the Sharjah City Municipality.

Bee’ah touches and transforms thoughts, attitudes and behaviours in individuals, communities, businesses and cities enabling them to lead positive sustainable growth by providing the infrastructure, tools and support that they require to achieve their environmental goals.

Bee’ah, through adopting international best practices, aims to enhance the environment and achieve added-value commercial ventures, while upholding its commitments to stakeholders.


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