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ADU Goes Dark for Earth Hour

Posted Mon 28 Mar 2011 03:20:26 am in News, Environment & Energy | By News Desk

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As part of ADU’s commitment to conservation and its Think Green initiative, the university has committed itself to an extensive campaign launched recently.

The campaign aimed to bring the plight of the earth and its dwindling resources to the attention of its faculty, staff, students, as well as the greater community. The university will calculate the exact amount of energy it saved during Earth Hour by going dark, and thereby further supporting the drive towards responsible energy usage.

The university had information stands on its campuses in both Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. These stands had volunteers on stand-by to provide visitors with accurate and current information on issues of conservation, resources and sustainability, a large selection of reading materials, brochures and pamphlets which were available for distribution to visitors, and LCD screens displaying video clips on pertinent issues related to Earth Hour.

Visitors at the stands were encouraged to make a pledge, outlining their current and future commitment to the cause.

The pledge form outlined a variety of environment-friendly practices which participants undertake to adhere to hence forth. Such practices, as outlined by the organizers of the Earth Hour initiative included, amongst others, turning off hot water heaters when not in use, switching off electronic equipment rather than setting them to stand-by mode, and replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient ones.

However, ADU is taking a more progressive environmental stance on the carbon footprints of its community by including a pledge of more efficient usage of cars and transportation, limiting single occupancy travel for more environmentally-friendly options such as car pooling and the use of Abu Dhabi's growing public transports.

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