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Future generations educated on the importance of water conservation - We are Water Foundation launches in UAE

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We are Water Foundation present to Dubai Nursery Students

In the wake of United Nations World Water Day, and Earth Hour , the importance of educating UAE residents on water consumption and conservation awareness has never been more prevalent . With The UAE claiming the highest per capita water consumption rate in the world, at 525-600 gallons a day (g/d), the We Are Water Foundation ( ) has been introduced to the Emirates, and is aiming to educate local students on the merits of taking care of our precious resources.

In an event taking place at Raffles Town Centre Nursery in Dubai, Victor Schoone of the We are Water Foundation, in conjunction with Vice Principal, Estelle Jennings, sought to introduce the youngsters to the idea that everyone can do their bit to take care of our planet and in particular, the issue of water.

Around 13 per cent of world\'s population, around 800 million people do not have access to nutritious food for healthy and productive life, resulting into persistent lack of water for the production of crops or raising the livestock.

1100 million people do not have access to an adequate water supply and 2,500 million lack access to a basic sanitation system, resulting into epidemics like malaria, diarrhoea, cholera etc.

Speaking at the event , Mr Schoone, Country Manager for Roca Bathrooms, of whom the We are Water Foundation is a global initiative, said “ Whilst the hard facts about access to clean water across the globe are stark, we can take the lead in helping even the youngest consumer understand the importance of taking care of natures resources. Today we have children as young as three participating in ‘water awareness’ exercises, and we hope to get our message across in a fun, interactive manner with a short animation and a drawing competition following the theme of ‘water’ . We need even the smallest of students to understand that fellow humans around the world cannot enjoy the access to resources that we are lucky enough to enjoy, and we must never take nature for granted”


Roca, from its very beginnings, has been committed to the environment in terms of both its products and its production processes.

Roca is keenly aware that water is a unique, limited resource, and has therefore spent more than 50 years developing water and energy saving devices for its products, thereby contributing to a more balanced and sustainable co-existence with our surroundings.

Its commitment to the responsible use and consumption of water has now taken on a new dimension with the making possible of the \"We Are Water Foundation\". By creating this Foundation, Roca aims to show its solidarity with those people and communities most affected by the water shortages and their consequences.

Launching in the UAE at Wetex 2011, the important regional avenue for industry leaders to keep abreast of the latest developments in the Gulf region in the field of Water, Energy and Environment, the We are Water Foundation has utilised the occasion of World Water Day  to sponsor an initiative via with university students at the brand new Global Youth Empowerment Movement ( ) centre as well as this week’s nursery awareness morning. With a  full page public notice taken out on the occasion of UN world Water Day, We are Water Foundation hopes to plant the seeds in 2011, that can grow to become a bigger awareness initiative leading up to next years event.


Schoone continued; \"Roca has been involved in environmental issues, for more than 50 years. We Are Water Foundation is a part of our commitment to sustainability and with communities most affected by the lack of water and its consequences. The Foundation seeks to become a referral for the management of environmental issues and sustainable development, especially in everything related to water, and we hope to spread the message of the Foundation to all throughout the Emirates and throughout the year\".


About Roca:

Roca is a company dedicated to the design, production and sale of bathroom space products for the worlds of architecture, construction and interior design. The Company is present into more than 135 markets around all continents. Roca works constantly to develop and encourage new technologies and initiatives to help to protect the environment. This commitment by the company can be seen not only in its production processes, with the new Eco-Roca project, but also in the development of new products that help save water, such as the W+W.

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