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New Philips Office Monitors Bring Wellbeing to the Workplace

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Philips 241P4QRYES

With a recent study showing that 80 percent of “knowledge workers” experience pain and fatigue after a long working day at their desks, it is clear that user health and wellbeing is a challenge that manufacturers have to take seriously. Reaffirming its commitment to keeping deskworkers healthy, MMD, the leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips Monitors, announces the release of the new 24-inch ErgoSensor display to complement line-up of office displays designed for wellbeing at work.
Over 80 percent of deskworkers suffer from work-related pain
To find out more about the current state of office ergonomics and the challenges users are facing, earlier this year MMD commissioned a study on the ergonomics of workplaces. The results of the study, conducted in Germany, Sweden and Denmark, are indeed alarming: over 80 percent of users have experienced pain and fatigue after a day at the computer – yet only half of private-sector workers in Germany have a height-adjustable display. User feedback in other markets shows that this issue is not limited to Germany.

Better health and wellbeing with ErgoSensor displays
Being fully height adjustable, the Philips ErgoSensor displays address this challenge at source. Like the other monitors in the series, the new 24-inch ErgoSensor P line display features a height adjustable, swivel and tiltable base, enabling users to adjust the height and angle of the display to precisely the right level – which reduces the likelihood of eye fatigue and neck pain. The display’s AMVA LED technology delivers wide-view super-high contrast, with vivid images.

Yet what makes ErgoSensor technology special – and the new 24-inch Professional display is no exception – is how it interacts with users. It can detect the position of the user’s face and head angle, measure the distance between the user’s eyes and the monitor, and suggest how users can adjust their posture or correct their distance from the screen. It also tracks the time spent at the screen and reminds people when they’re due a break.

“The new 24-inch ErgoSensor display testifies to MMD’s continued commitment to workplace ergonomics,” explains Thomas Schade, Vice President at MMD. “As the study by MMD shows, there is much room for improvement in how offices are equipped to maintain health and wellbeing, and it’s something we take very seriously. Better ergonomics in the office also pays off in terms of greater productivity: there’s no room in modern work environments for work-related injury and diminished efficiency. An early investment in the right ergonomic equipment is soon reflected in the bottom line.”

The Philips 241P4QRYES 24-inch Brilliance LCD monitor with ErgoSensor will be available in the first quarter of year 2014 across the Middle East region.

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